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Depending on your definition of “social media”, I’ve just deleted all but three of my social media accounts. It was about fifteen purged, total, including my personal big three of Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit (I’ve never had a Facebook). It feels pretty great.

I could lie and say that my primary reason for doing so was ideological: privacy concerns, security concerns, alarm at how social media is affecting society, objection to surveillance capitalism as a model… and, sure, all of those were reasons; they’re all sincere beliefs that factored into my final decision to become an internet hermit, cast away from the sociological zeitgeist.

But honestly, the biggest reason was just the realization that social media hadn’t improved my life in a long time. Idly scrolling through my various feeds, dropping likes here and there, writing the occasional (mostly‐ignored) contribution—it was all automatic. Idle. Intellectual background noise. I never felt better for it, and I frequently felt worse when I got caught up in the outrage machine.


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